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Melika Dhan (active)

Melikazhri sh'Dhan

Due to the standard Starfleet difficulties with Andorian names and titles, she has been addressed as any number of variations of her name, including Lieutenant Commander Dhan, Melika, and/or Melika Dhan.

Species: Andorian
Gender: shen
Born: 2336
Hair: white
Eyes: black
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Assignment(s): Second Officer, Operations manager
Stationed: USS Tethys
Rank: Lieutenant Commander

Early Life and Career
Born into an isolated clan in the far southern polar regions of Andor in the middle of 2336. She was raised from an early age to be in a bondgroup and continue the already-fading future of the clan. Her physical strength and stamina made themselves known quite early in life, through a series of incidents as she neared her adolescence, fighting and savagely beating several others who thought to tease and accost her. It was decided that she be trained by the Andorian Imperial Guard. She was trained there in combat of both traditional and modern sorts, and she eventually departed the Guard to enter Starfleet Academy at the age of 25.