Therav Interview [IC]

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Therav Interview [IC]

Commander Sharad is sitting in an office, just large enough to contain a medium-sized desk, the chair he is in, and a couple of others - the walls have some pleasantly nondescript art on them, and his back is to a window. The window shows stars and the nearby glow of a planet, but not quite enough to show exactly which one it is.

Looking at the chronometer and giving a small smile, he turns the screen towards him and taps it.

"Computer, begin recording."

A small bleep.

"Stardate 59290.990. Commander Sharad interviewing Lieutenant Therav Shan, using the recognized short form of this officer's name."

The door to the office whooshed open, revealing Lt. Shan's stony form.

"Punctual as ever."

From his surprisingly relaxed posture in the simply-designed Fleet-issue office chair, Sharad smiled and extended a hand to one of the two chairs facing him on the opposite side of the desk.

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Re: Therav Interview [IC]

A low growl under Therav's breath, on hearing "Punctual as always."

"The sooner we can get this ridiculous legal fiction over with," Therav snapped.

Nine months into his assignment at Deep Space Seventeen, as an undercover security officer, he looked rough: long hair, tied back; tattered utilitarian clothing, leather jacket. He looked very much like the thugs he dispatched, and the new scar on his chin added to the impression of unsavoriness. Someone who looked more like private security on an Orion freighter than like a Starfleet security officer.

He stood with his hands folded behind his back, his antennae quirked forward, in challenge and annoyance. "Since you have seen fit to call a meeting instead of have your goons watch me eat."

He took his seat, arms folded, his head quirked forward.

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Re: Therav Interview [IC]

The response to the marked gruffness was a chuckle and a shift in posture. How someone could cross their legs in that office was an oddity.

"No, that's really not what this is about."

Sharad's tone seemed amused, but there was something lurking in it.

A look in his eyes said this wasn't a fencing match or a game.

"This is about something more, I'd say."

He raised his hands and wiggled the fingers.

"No more idiotic tricks or meat-headed people in gold braids deciding that you were working the scuppers."

He set both hands on the table and leaned forward a little.

"I need to know a few things before I can just slide out of my balaclava and cigarettes for you, Therav.

Not even the questions that they tried pulling out of you with heated iron, either."

He looked down, and something passed over his face, a moue.

"First. Is this place where you want to be?"

He leaned back, resumed his earlier posture, but did not look at ease, not with his gaze so attentive.

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Re: Therav Interview [IC]

Therav's antennae twitched and turned toward each other, in confusion, as Sharad mentioned the "balaclava and cigarettes."

"What are you talking about," he grumbled. "Place I want to be? This is Deep Space Seventeen. The rats do not even want to be here."

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Re: Therav Interview [IC]

Sharad's gaze didn't lessen, and he began to smile, but without showing teeth.

"Good. I would think you had started becoming a mushroom if you had started enjoying this place."

He tilted his head a little.

"The Fleet needs some real work from you. Not unkempt hair and watching what tricks the Syndicate seems to wish to squeeze out, either.

I mean real work, hard work on a starship again."

He looked down for a moment, one fist clenched in the other in front of his nose.

"I need to know that you are willing and able to do that kind of work again."


Therav looked down as he briefly pondered his future, his teeth bared just slightly. He finally looked up.

"Mnh. May as well tell me what hellhole Starfleet is sending me to, because I am going whether I want to or not."


Sharad nodded, relaxed visibly.

"They want you at the right hand of the Tac officer of the starship Tethys.

She's a Luna-class deep explorer.

And this time, you can choose.

Choose to start work again, or stay here, drinking and hitting Syndicate thugs over the head once or twice a week.

Report to Commander T'Lev, presently at Baikonur, in the Sol system."

He leveled his gaze at Therav and nodded once.

"That's all."

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Re: Therav Interview [IC]


There was no choice, really. As if Starfleet was offering him one to begin with. He thought for a moment of Shlev, who was occupied in Cdr. Tabaichakov's office with 20th century samurai movies. He thought of his options: stay with his son on this hellhole of a station. Resign from Fleet, when his chance of reputable employment was almost nil.

He knew that ship. Sharad couldn't have known, but his engineer woman-friend on Takeda Shingen had spoken of almost nothing else but the fact that the Eighth Fleet was getting a new flagship. She had spoken at length of the new ship's specs, of course. But even more, she'd spoken of the rec rooms, the schools, the family quarters.

"Mnh," he replied, a quick nod in the affirmative. Will have to speak to Noelle first.
But he already knew what she would tell him.

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