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Tov glasch Mor (Active)

Tov glasch Mor

Species: Tellarite
Gender: Male
Height: 1.524 m
Weight: 77.11 kg
Affiliation: Federation Starfleet
Assignment(s): Chief engineer
Stationed: USS Tethys
Rank: Lieutenant commander
Spouse(s): Greza

Tov was slight of build for his race (being only a little chubbier than an average-weight human of the same height), despite numerous attempts to gain more weight, and for this reason was generally considered unattractive by the beauty standards of his people.

As of 2382, he was the father of six children, by his wife Greza who resided on their homeworld of Tellar. Greza was quite plump, a fact of which Tov was quite proud.

He enjoyed alcohol tremendously, and had an incredible tolerance, but alcohol made him more bellicose and testy.

He had good relationships with most other engineering staff except for the occasional young ensign who took his bristly demeanor seriously.

He felt lost without Lieutenant Noelle Connor, a colleague from his former post aboard the USS Takeda Shingen. Every time he saw her after she returned from a mission, or after his transfer, visited USS Tethys, he made sure to give her a hug that would squeeze the breath out of her.